moving language

© 2016 3:32 min. HD 16:9 no sound

At the invitation of CBK zuidoost (Centre of the Visual Arts South East), I stayed in H-Lab during the month of August; the art residency in Heesterveld (the Bijlmer, Amsterdam South East). There I did the project Language in Motion; an exploration and visualisation of non-verbal communication in Amsterdam South East. This is where a colourful mix of people live, a total of seventy registered nationalities and over a hundred cultures.

During her residency in the Bijlmer (Amsterdam South East), Deinema, who knows sign language, went to look for the beauty of non-verbal communication in the public space. I made a remarkable inventory of body language, by strolling through the area and having conversations with residents about the use and meaning of various gestures in different cultures. Not only is this body language shown in the work ‘Language in Motion’, but new visual conversations are also created in it. The work consists of a sculptural work, twelve art photos and a short video, also see the blog. (sorry, only in Dutch)

Sculptural edition of the inventoried body language in cooperation with designer Michiel Uilen.


© 2016 three prints on Innova paper,190 gsm, draped over three metal hanging rods.


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