A Sworn Virgin and a Pink Sister

video installation © 2018 6:34 min. no sound LCD TV in showcase in missionmuseum in Steyl The video installation “A Sworn Virgin and a Pink Sister” is about sacrifice and pride and covering the body. It shows the silent portraits of two women who both took an important decision during their younger years which was […]

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video installation © 2016 6:34 sound video and fragments of mirrors with engraved tekst The video installation Lali/Diana is about sacrifice and pride. It shows ‘a silent portrait’ of the dying phenomenon ‘sworn virgin’ (Burnesha in Albanese) in patriarchal Northern Albania. This is an area where communities live according to the Kanun, a traditional […]

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de mummer-KLEIN

the mummer

© 2014   1:32 min.   HD   16:9   stere0 ‘The mummer’ is inspired on the Kukeri festival which I have visited in Bulgaria. Kukeri is a traditional Bulgarian ritual to scare away evil spirits, with costumed men performing the ritual. The costumes, made of sheep- or goathair, cover most of the body. The men walk, […]

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shooting in Istanbul Nynke Deinema

Shooting in Istanbul

© 2012   0:41 min.   HD   16:9   stere0 At the coast of Istanbul you can learn to shoot.

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nieuweaardappeleters-Nynke Deinema

The new potato eaters

© 2011   4:55 min.   DV-pal   4:3   stereo   double-projection In October 2011 I was invited to stay as the artist in residence of the Vincent van Goghhuis, in the Van Gogh-era sexton’s house in Zundert, the Netherlands. I concluded my artist in residency with the showing of my video about the contemporary ‘potato eaters’. I filmed Eastern European […]

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Nynke Deinema Milky thoughts

Milky thoughts

© 2011   2:12 min.   DV-pal   4:3   stereo This video is inspired on a photo out of a Dutch newspaper. On the photo you saw a close-up of a person who was lying under the ice. Only the fingers were visible. This was the reason for me to bring the photo back to life.

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Squeezing the meat pressing the thoughts

© 2009   3:31 min.   DV-pal   4:3   stereo Two hands push the veined face in diffferent shapes, while the head is going round and round.

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nynke deinema Zintuigelijk landschap

Sensory landscape

© 2007   3:19 min.   DV-pal   4:3   stereo A sense enabels a person to perceive his environment or part of himself. A sense becomes unbalanced by over-stimulation. With this video I unbalanced the senses in such a way that alienation results, a detachment from the body. The senses form a landscape. You hear voices which […]

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Drowning in blankets

© 2005   2:19 min.   DV-pal   4:3   stereo These blankets do not provide warmth or protection, but act to suffocate.   2008 nominated for the Artprice new media (Biblical Museum, Amsterdam) 2006 nominated for la prix de la Creation (Videoformes, Clermont-Ferrand) nominated for the IJzeren Haring (Leids Filmfestival, Leiden)

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honey Nynke Deinema


© 2004   1:05 min.   DV-pal   4:3   stereo A mouth spitting honey, doing so, altering the image.

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BENGvenloKLEIN Nynke Deinema

Beng Outside

© 2003 untill 2006 Beng has been projected on windows in Venlo (photographer Mark Weemen), Rotterdam en Amsterdam (NL) This video was especially made for the exhibition ‘Polderlicht’; a walking tour through the neighbourhood of Amsterdam east. A woman tries to get your attention by constantly benging on the window. The video projection was also […]

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act-KLEIN Nynke Deinema

Act without words

© 2002   2:25 min.   DV-pal   4:3   stereo A boy is so aborbed by his computergame, he makes allkind of faces. It reminded me of the sculptor Messchersmitt.

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staart-KLEIN Nynke Deinema


© 2001   loop   DV-pal   4:3   stereo A close-up of a horse gets a different meaning.

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suzanne-en-nystachmus-KLEIN Nynke Deinema

Suzanne and Nystachmus

© 2000 loop DV-pal   4:3   stereo In 2000 I encountered Suzanne. I was intreged by her deviation: Nystachmus. Her pupils constantly go from left to right, she has no control over them.  

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naalden-KLEIN Nynke Deinema


© 1998   3:59 min   DV-pal   4:3   stereo Two people approaching each other with underwear pierced with pins.

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belly button

© 1996 DV-pal 4:3 4:59 min. stereo An ice cube is placed in a part of the body which slowly melts due to the body heat. The videoworks go deeper than a demonstration of the inability to speak. Set up in the citytheatre in Amsterdam, they confront “going out” as an escape in a penetrating, […]

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beckett'sstones-KLEIN Nynke Deinema

Beckett’s stones

© 1994   loop   DV-pal   4:3   stereo Seventeen pebbles are being spit out in front of the camera, inspired on a story by Samuel Beckett. A nod towards Beckett, the stones that are disgorged by a mouth? The videoworks go deeper than a demonstration of the inability to speak. Set up in the citytheatre in Amsterdam, […]

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huig-KLEIN Nynke Deinema


© 1994   loop   DV-pal   4:3   stereo The camera is placed inside the mouth, breathing out the lens condensed, by breathing in the lens gets clear again. The videoworks go deeper than a demonstration of the inability to speak. Set up in the citytheatre in Amsterdam, they confront “going out” as an escape in a penetrating, […]

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