The new potato eaters

© 2011   4:55 min.   DV-pal   4:3   stereo   double-projection

In October 2011 I was invited to stay as the artist in residence of the Vincent van Goghhuis, in the Van Gogh-era sexton’s house in Zundert, the Netherlands.

I concluded my artist in residency with the showing of my video about the contemporary ‘potato eaters’. I filmed Eastern European seasonal workers for a month. I chose this subject from the idea: Who would Van Gogh choose nowadays as a model for his potato eaters? My study of the workers working in the nurseries and staying on campsites, led to this video and an the photoworks ‘strange hands’ and ‘the new potato eaters’.

“In many paintings Van Gogh emphasized the hands of workers to depict their harsh living conditions. Through the hands of her characters, Deinema tells a story about people who occupy an indispensable but also invisible pace in our society”. (Ron Dirven director of van GoghHuis 2011)


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