Siloewok-Sawangan-200 x200

Siloewok Sawangan

© 2022 edited photo’s and mobiles Flakes of cotton stuck on the skin, dresses full of desire, a married glove, prying eyes, words like Junyo Maru, Pakan Baru who hid atrocities, a drooping eye that saw but did not speak, a Chinese aunt eating with chopsticks, and everywhere that strange accent, which only became recognizable […]

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moving language

© 2016 3:32 min. HD 16:9 no sound At the invitation of CBK zuidoost (Centre of the Visual Arts South East), I stayed in H-Lab during the month of August; the art residency in Heesterveld (the Bijlmer, Amsterdam South East). There I did the project Language in Motion; an exploration and visualisation of non-verbal communication […]

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less home NynkeDeinemaklein

Homeless routes

© 2012   zigzag stitched routes on blankets   25 x 25 cm   C print on hahnemuhle paper This serie photoworks commenced because of the title of the exhibition: BEN DE INSANIM (I am human too) in Ankara, the theme of the exhibition was: human realisationships in public space. The blankets refer to the inhabitants of the […]

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groen klein Nynke Deinema

strange hands – the new potato eaters

© 2011   used work gloves   20 x 20 cm   C print on hahnemuhle paper In October 2011 I was invited to stay at the artist in residence of the Vincent van GoghHouse, in the Van Gogh-era sexton’s house in Zundert, the Netherlands. I concluded my artist in residency with the showing of my video about […]

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van Hollandse jenever tot Papegaaienvrouw

© 2011   sentences of felt   length variable from 1 m. tot 5 m.    photography Mark Weemen   Amsterdam southeast (NL) The search for rituals with the Rituals Cart has also been a source of inspiration for a monumental public artwork for the Atrium of the CEC (Cultural Educative Centre South East.). Deinema/DeRoy made a large hanging […]

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the Ritual Cart

© 2011   carrier cycle with drawers and cabinets   300 x 150 x 170 cm   Amsterdam southeast (NL) We (i.c.w. Caroline de Roy) we moved around South-East Amsterdam for half a year with a special carrier cycle: the Rituals Cart. We consider the amount of different cultures, which live together in South-East Amsterdam on such […]

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Nynke Deinema Vlietzone Verbeeld

Vlietzone depicted

© 2011   adapted old ford transit   Vlietzone Leeuwarden (NL) Recent articles (newspaper and internet) about the Vlietzone quarter in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, have been the departure point of a search for the personal experiences of the residents and entrepreneurs of the area. Outsiders usually write all sorts of things about a neighbourhood, but how do […]

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hetlanddelflandvoorklein Nynke Deinema

The country Delfland

© 2009   fictional country   Delflandplein Amsterdam west (NL) Deinema/DeRoy used the stories of the square’s residents, visitors and shopkeepers as a source of inspiration and visualized these in ‘The Country Delfland’. In the former video shop at Delflandplein, a new country has come into being. The country Delfland was complete with ministers, rituals, maps […]

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bed&brekdeurenKLEIN Nynke Deinema

Bed&Brek in the Van der Pek

© 2008   4 ground-floor apartments designed according to the Northern Feeling   Amsterdam North (NL) The artproject about the Northern Feeling has now developed into ‘Bed & Brek in de Van der Pek’  The ideas for this sprang from the artproject ‘Looking for the Northern feeling’. The artproject extended with four more houses of which one […]

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Looking for the Northern Feeling

© 2008  a house equiped with text, video, sound with the Northern feeling   Amsterdam Noord Deinema/DeRoy have been looking for the northern feeling (referring to Amsterdam North). ‘Op zoek naar het Noordgevoel’ (‘Looking for the Northern Feeling’) can be viewed in the Van der Pek neigbourhood in Amsterdam North. A lot is happening in […]

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Check die merrie

© 2005   2 photoprojections 1 videoprojection sound coming from 2 garbage cans at the Koningsplein Amsterdam center (NL)  “Check die Merrie” (Amsterdam slang for “Check out that Mercedes”) is project inspired by Amsterdam slang. We collaborated with students of the Amsterdam West Nova College, two rappers and a researcher of the Meertens Instituut (a […]

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You Take Everything You Leave Behind

© 2002   3 videoprojections and sound on the windows of asylum Center Bos en Lommer Amsterdam west (NL) In this project I worked together with Judith Vossen. We asked the children of an asylum seeker’s centre in Amsterdam and the residents of the surrounding area the question: “What is the most precious thing you have […]

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ready-too-openbaar-KLEIN Nynke Deinema

Ready to shoot on billboards

‘Ready too’ was shown on billboards in the following cities: Bratislava, Iasi, Vienna and Warsaw. The billboards were shown form october 2003 untill january 2004.

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house for the lonely souls

© 2005   small house and blankets   120 x 80 x 40 cm   Nieuwe Oosterbegraafplaats (cemetry) Amsterdam (NL)  ”Not suppressing the dead but celebrating them for what they have been and what they still have to tell us”. For the project “Allerzielen Allicht” (a project for All Souls’ Day) I made a small house for the […]

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