do ut des

@ 2013 ceramic with silverluster 50 x 100 x 15 cm sketchcommission Zorgacademy Parkstad in Heerlen (NL)

Eleven handmade clay art objects based on anatomy are transformed into a digital file with a 3D scanner at the European Ceramic Work Centre after which the art objects are considerably enlarged and milled in clay. Finally the result is fired and worked with silver lustre. This way technology and craftwork are combined.
Do ut des stems from classical antiquity and is Latin for; I give that you may give. My approach is the person in health care, who chooses for a certain profession at a time when economic interests run rampant. The helping hands at the bedside, as opposed to the innovation in care, that is what I wanted to combine in an art object.  After examining the use of 3d printers, I decided on the Fab Lab of the European Ceramic Work Centre in Den Bosch, The Netherlands, because instead of working with synthetic material I wanted to work with an earthly material: clay! The art objects modelled out of clay are inspired by ex votos; hands, heads, feet and other anatomical offerings that were hung up in a chapel for recovery or cure, but mainly out of gratitude for the received favour, or that were sacrificed to the Gods in classical antiquity. Silver has medicinal value.

Commissioned by Zorgacademie Parkstad (health care academy) in Heerlen, the Netherlands


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