House for the lonely souls


© 2005   small house and blankets   120 x 80 x 40 cm   Nieuwe Oosterbegraafplaats (cemetry) Amsterdam (NL)

 “Not suppressing the dead but celebrating them for what they have been and what they still have to tell us”.
For the project “Allerzielen Allicht” (a project for All Souls’ Day) I made a small house for the lonely death. The house is covered with blankets and coming from the house a poem can be heard from the poet Frank Starik.

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The house where the dead “live” as a result of a story by J.P.Sartre: The dead live in the dead’s house. Everybody has a room. The house also has a basement. When in this life somebody speaks about one of the dead, the respective dead person moves to a better room. The people that are not spoken of anymore in this life are in the basement. I wanted to talk the forgotten dead (the people living in the basement and who are not spoken of anymore) to a better room. My point of departure was the public cemetery.


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