Stone Faces of Naples

stone faces of Naples © 2020 42 x 29 cm edited photo’s

This series originated simultaneously with the Corona lockdown.

In 2017 I was at the Archaeological Museum in Naples and took close-up photos of the faces of weathered sculptures. I was triggered by the transience of the weathered faces. One of the themes in my work is man and his inability.  A lot of the work is related to skin or meant as skin. I am not looking for perfection, but I look for the beauty in the imperfection: to attract and repulse…….
During the silence of the lockdown I went through my archive and was again hit by the weathered faces. This led me to physically edit the photos from Naples.

In the serie ‘Stone Faces of Naples’ I started with a new way of working that arises from my collages. I cover the photos with another layer by scratching the photos, perforating and colouring with skin tones. The meditative act of scratching suited me to the confusion I experienced during the lockdown.

Arti et Amicitiae photographer Maarten Nauw 2023

Nieuw Dakota 2020


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