collage photo

Siloewok-Sawangan-200 x200

Siloewok Sawangan

© 2022 edited photo’s and mobiles Flakes of cotton stuck on the skin, dresses full of desire, a married glove, prying eyes, words like Junyo Maru, Pakan Baru who hid atrocities, a drooping eye that saw but did not speak, a Chinese aunt eating with chopsticks, and everywhere that strange accent, which only became recognizable […]

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bildtgebaren nr.7 200x200


Bildt-Gebaren © 2021 different sizes, edited photo’s Last November, Nynke Deinema arrived at Het Bildt, a coastline by the Waddenzee and one of the oldest Dutch polders that was once part of the Middelzee. Being inspired by Het Bildt and the eloquence of non-verbal communication, Deinema created the project Bildt-Gebaren for Galerie Westerstorm. The body […]

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reaction to OMG it’s me

reaction to OMG it’s me © 2021 20 x 15 cm edited photos A collaboration with Claudette van de Rakt where she asked me to respond to 3 photos from her beautiful book: OMG it’s me . Claudette van de Rakt: ‘The best media channel is your own body, full of knowledge, intuition and purity. […]

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hands of old masters2

Hands of Old Masters

Hands of Old Masters © 2020 42 x 29 cm edited photo’s This series originated in the second Corona period and is a sequel to ‘Stone Faces of Napels’ I visited the exhibition in the Rijksmuseum: Caravaggio – Bernini and was hit by the artists from the early  baroque that evoke the most important emotions through […]

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Stone Faces of Naples 220 pix nr 1

Stone Faces of Naples

stone faces of Naples © 2020 42 x 29 cm edited photo’s This series originated simultaneously with the Corona lockdown. In 2017 I was at the Archaeological Museum in Naples and took close-up photos of the faces of weathered sculptures. I was triggered by the transience of the weathered faces. One of the themes in […]

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collage IV

the hands of America © 2019 21 x 29 cm collage of photos of hands and edited with pen At the end of 2018 I made a trip through south-west America. While traveling through the states of Califronia, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Texas and Arizona, I asked the people I met (mostly people living on […]

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nr.14 Nynke Deinema ©kleinklein

collage III

human conditions III © 2017 21 x 29 cm collage from pages out of book, chalk and pencil In may 2017 I stayed one month in an Artist in Residence in Koromla Puszta in Hungary. I worked on a series of collage and got influenced by my environment. The collages are composed of torn pages […]

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3.Nynke Deinema 445 KLEIN

collages II

Hungarian human conditions II © 2017 21 x 29 cm collage from pages out of book, pen and chalk In May 2017 I was Artist in Residence in Koromla Puszta, Hungary; where I worked on a series of collages inspired by my surroundings. The collages consist of torn pages from the book Santanstango by the […]

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Nynke Deinema guerilla girlsKLEIN

collages I

human conditions I ©  21 x 29 cm and 29 x 42 cm 2016 collage with pen and images from artmagazines  

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sculptural moods

sculptural moods nr 1 untill 3 © 2014 C print on hahnemühle paper The serie sculptural moods arises from a visit to the Kukeri festival in Bulgaria. During the festival coverings of the body play an important role. The photoworks are part of a serie with the video  ‘the mummer’.

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drowninginblanketsKLEIN Nynke Deinema

Drowning in blankets II

© 2008   stacked blankets   75 x 50 cm   C print on dibond  

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keurslijfKLEIN Nynke Deinema


© 2007   pills   50 x 50 cm   C print on dibond

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© 2005   hemp on styrofoam   100 x 60 cm   C print on dibond   photographer Bart Majoor

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inside3KLEIN Nynke Deinema

Inside 2 & 3

© 2003   paardenhaar   100 x 63 cm   C print op dibond  fotografie Bart Majoor

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inside 1

© 2002   100 x 63 cm   chamois leather clows sewn together   C print on dibond   photography Bart Majoor

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Embroiding the brains

© 2001   brains nitted on tablecloth by 5 eldery women   60 x 60 cm   C print on Dibond

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Ready to shoot

© 2000   lippenstiften op pullover   75 x 50 cm   C print op dibond  

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