strange hands – the new potato eaters

© 2011   used work gloves   20 x 20 cm   C print on hahnemuhle paper

In October 2011 I was invited to stay at the artist in residence of the Vincent van GoghHouse, in the Van Gogh-era sexton’s house in Zundert, the Netherlands.
I concluded my artist in residency with the showing of my video about the contemporary ‘new potato eaters’. I filmed Eastern European seasonal workers for a month. I chose this subject from the idea: Who would Van Gogh choose nowadays as a model for his potato eaters? My study of the workers working in the nurseries and staying on campsites also led the photoworks: ‘strange hands’ and ‘the new potato eaters’.

Van Gogh emphasized the hand of workers to depict their harsh living concitions. Through the hands of her characters, Deinema tells a story about people who occupy an indispensable but also invisible place in our society.

© 2011   29 x 21 cm   videostill   C print op hahnemuhle papier


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